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A Fascinating, Profound and Wonderfully Controversial Speaker. His talk will truly attract an audience from all political sides. 

Christian Watson is a political commentator, national spokesperson for Color Us United, and podcast host of the “Pensive Politics” show. His daily cultural and political analysis can also be found on his Youtube page titled “Christian Watson.” He has appeared on Newsmax T.V., Bold T.V., BBC Radio London, and many more stations of note around the world. In digital media, Mr. Watson’s commentaries have reached thousands on Youtube, involving collaborations with eminent voices like Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, Gothix, and many more. Although a smaller part of his commentary output, Mr. Watson has appeared all across the digital spectrum: USA Today, The Advocate Magazine, Washington Examiner, The Washington Times – to name a few. It is his hope that you will join him on his pensive journey as he pursues his mission to bring intelligent philosophical discourse to the pressing cultural and political issues of the contemporary age.

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Christian Watson, national spokesperson for Color Us United, and podcast host of the “Pensive Politics” show, is now available to speak to your university or campus group on the topic of “The Delusion of Diversity Politics.” His message of individual liberty and the philosophy of free-thought is resonating with audiences across the country. His dynamic talk will generate lively discussion on the pressing cultural and political issues of today.

This is a FREE educational opportunity for your campus. The Fund for American Studies has a grant from a generous supporter to pay for the speaker’s travel, lodging and honoraria. You need only to provide a venue and an audience. Once your event is confirmed, you will be provided with marketing materials to help you promote your event.

Interested in having Christian speak on your campus or to your community organization? We can arrange for you to host in-person sessions or webinars. Contact TFAS Executive Vice President Steve Slattery at or 202-986-0384.